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ZW glass lined storage tank

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ZW glass lined storage tank

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Detailed introduction

Lining glass reaction kettle is will contain high silica glass, lining in the inner surface of the steel container, after high temperature burning and firmly close to the metal surface into composite material products. Therefore, is a good corrosion resistance equipment.

Glass lining reaction kettle installation

1. Handling: can ears are allowed to bear only during handling (refer to non-packaging). Rolling and crowbar are not allowed to avoid vibration and collision.

2. Hoisting: when hoisting, the net silk rope must be hung at the specified parts (such as the jacket pipe, can ear, etc.). (the lifting ring on the tank cover is only used for the tank cover). It should not touch with any objects.

3. Pre-assembly inspection: before assembly, inspectors should wear clean rubber shoes with soft soles to enter the container to check whether the glass lining layer is abnormal.

4, flange installation: when tightening the flange bolts, should be along the diagonal gradually tighten, the force should be uniform, should not be a complete tightening, to avoid uneven stress caused by the glass lining rupture and affect the service life.

5. Installation of clips: check whether the clips are complete and the quantity is in accordance with the regulations. Ensure equal distance and proper tightness during installation to ensure safe operation and reliable sealing.

6. Installation of agitator:

A. First put the agitator into the tank (cushion is laid at the bottom), and then lift the tank cover to the predetermined position. At the same time, put the sealing part into the agitator shaft.

B. Adjust the coaxiality and verticality of the stirring shaft and the sealing element, and make the stirring shaft rotate slowly after meeting the technical requirements. When the operation is flexible and there is no abnormal phenomenon, it is permitted to start the motor by pressing the button again, until the operation is normal (this period of time should not be too long).

7, the choice of gasket: must be selected according to the type of medium, concentration, temperature, the nature of the gasket itself and use method, should be suitable for the process requirements, our company currently supply gasket asbestos rubber, rubber outsourcing ptfe for users to choose.

8. Welding:

A. it is strictly forbidden to weld the outer wall surface of the glass lined tank.

B. When welding pipe, can lug and can seat on jacket, electric welding shall be used and cooling measures shall be taken. Gas welding is absolutely forbidden.

C. When welding the glass lining layer near the space, cover the glass lining surface, can mouth and pipe mouth tightly to avoid spatter of welding slag and damage to the glass lining surface.

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