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What is the composition and structure of enamel reaction kettle

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What is the composition and structure of enamel reaction kettle

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Enamel reaction kettle is able to complete a number of processes, heating quickly, it is because of its advantages of reasonable structural design, has been recognized by the user, then what is the specific composition of the structure? Let's take a look.

(1) electric heating enamel reaction kettle by the pot body, pot cover, stirrer, electric heating oil pipe, support and transmission device, shaft sealing device, oil tank, and equipped with electric heating rod and temperature, pressure gauge.

(2) temperature control: the thermocouple is used to measure the temperature and the temperature controller is connected to measure and control the temperature, and the material temperature can be adjusted.

(3) enamel reaction kettle material heating temperature: ≤300℃; Material heating time: 30min ~ 90min(depending on the process).

(4) stirring forms: anchor type, slurry type, turbine type, propulsion type or frame type. The supporting seat has two kinds of suspension or supporting type.

(5) insulation materials: the use of filling pearl cotton, rock wool or polyurethane casting foam, maintain the temperature difference with the outside world, to achieve thermal insulation effect.

6 jacket outer wall welding support, the lower part of the pot body open feeding mouth.

7. Heat conduction oil is placed in the jacket of electric heating reaction kettle, and then heated by electric heating rod. There are inlet, discharge, overflow measurement, blowout and electric heating rod, temperature measurement pipe hole on the jacket.

The complex diversity of the structural design of electric heating enamel reaction kettle can meet the various needs of different users and provide more convenient services for people. Therefore, it is favored by people and widely used in industrial production.

The above is about the enamel reaction kettle specific composition of what is the content, more relevant content please pay attention to our website.

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