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How to deal with enamel reaction kettle burning

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How to deal with enamel reaction kettle burning

Date of release:2019-06-04 Author: Click:

Enamel reaction kettle carefully jacketed in acid, acid must be used if cleaning jacketed, cannot use PH < 2 acid, acid into the enamel jacketed reactor can produce hydrogen effect, causes the surface of the enamel reactor like scales fall off large area, general cleaning jacketed 2% sodium hypochlorite solution are available, and after washing with water jacket, not only in this way, we use daily enamel reaction kettle is often appear the phenomenon of burning, treatment for this phenomenon are as follows:

1. Replace the lubricating oil of enamel reaction kettle once a year. If leakage is found, check the sealing part and replace the worn oil seal.

2. Under normal circumstances, enamel reaction kettle shall be repaired once a year.

3. According to the nature of the materials to be transported, timely cleaning shall be carried out in the production process to keep all parts of the conveyor clean and tidy.

In addition, enamel reaction kettle discharge kettle bottom blockage, non-metal bar can be used to dredge gently, prohibit the use of metal tools shovel, bonded in enamel reaction kettle on the surface of the reaction material to timely cleaning, should not use metal tools, in order to prevent damage to enamel lining.

Above is a small collation of enamel reaction kettle burning should be handled, I hope to help you.

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