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Causes the glass lining reaction tank to explode

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Causes the glass lining reaction tank to explode

Date of release:2018-09-27 Author: Click:

In the production or use of glass lining reaction tank, improper operation will often encounter the phenomenon of glass lining reaction tank explosion, the greater harm to equipment and personnel. Only when the cause is understood can the explosion accident be better avoided. Here is a detailed description of the reaction tank explosion reasons:

1, to the pot is the exothermic reaction of the container, glass lining reaction tank jacket medium is circulating cooling water. If for some reason cause cooling water circulation system is blocked, causing the pot reaction heat release can't be absorbed in time, the pot temperature rise in the pot reaction speed and release more heat, the pot faster response speed and short time glass lining glass lining reaction pot pot pressure can increase several times or even more. In this case, even if the pressure relief outlet or safety pressure relief accessories are left in the inner pot, in fact, due to their pressure relief area is far from the requirements, it cannot guarantee timely and safe pressure relief, which may lead to the explosion of the container.

2. In the production process of some chemical products, the proportion, speed and timing of feeding are controlled to ensure the chemical reaction in a controlled state. If the control feeding valve is damaged, the operator makes a mistake, the agitator stops running suddenly, and so on, the above conditions are damaged, the reaction speed in the pot or the local reaction speed is accelerated or the pressure increases sharply.

3. Some chemical products are required to be produced under vacuum conditions, and the reaction process must inhibit the contact with oxygen or other gases in the air. If air enters the pot due to broken seal or other reasons, the normal reaction conditions are damaged and the accident occurs.

It can be seen that the explosion accident is generally caused by improper operation, glass lining reaction tank is often used in the chemical industry, chemical reaction conditions and more strict, once do not meet the conditions will occur some accidents. Therefore the operator must master the operation technique. Hopefully, the above will help you avoid this phenomenon.

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