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Ensure the glass lining reaction tank temperature balance method

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Ensure the glass lining reaction tank temperature balance method

Date of release:2019-05-23 Author: Click:

Lining glass reaction tank in the use of the process, the processing process of the reaction material is mainly dependent on the change in the temperature of the reaction tank to achieve material reaction, if the reaction tank should be maladjusted temperature control kettle, will seriously affect the reaction process and effect, so how to ensure the temperature balance? Let's learn about it together.

1, to control the glass lining reaction tank reaction speed, the opening is not too fast, in the equipment operation when people tend to be too hasty, mechanical rotation to a larger value, in fact, this method is often counterproductive. In this state, the equipment can easily be reversed, which will cause deformation of the stirring pot. In addition, in addition to deformation, this also causes the body temperature to rise rapidly, damaging the mechanical properties.

2, but also control the glass lining reaction tank cooling temperature, gradually cycle, once its temperature rises to the rated temperature, it will have an impact on the material reaction. In this case, the cooling effect of the cooling system is quite important, but it is necessary to pay attention to the gradual cycle to avoid excessive temperature difference.

3. In order to balance the temperature of the glass lining reaction tank, it is necessary to process its materials within a reasonable range. Therefore, the more materials are processed, the higher the temperature of the reaction tank will be. This is a reminder to the equipment operator that the ideal temperature may not be reached within the specified time due to too much material, but it is normal.

To sum up, is how to keep the glass lining reaction tank temperature balance, in order to provide a good basis for the reaction of materials, to ensure that the reaction can be fully carried out, we should have a certain understanding of the above method.

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