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The problem that should pay attention to when cleaning glass lining reaction tank

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The problem that should pay attention to when cleaning glass lining reaction tank

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Glass lining reaction tank with rapid heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, health, no environmental pollution, no need for automatic heating boiler, easy to use, cheap prices, etc., in cleaning glass lining reaction tank should pay attention to the following problems:

Acid solution cannot be used to clean the crumbs on the steel plate, because the acid solution will react with the steel plate, causing hydrogen embrittlement of the steel plate and damaging the combination between glass lining and the steel plate, resulting in fragmentation. When the equipment jacket with a jacket needs to be cleaned, alkaline sodium hypochlorite salt solution shall be applied to flush.

Glass lining of reaction tank cannot be used when cleaning metal ware porcelain face directly, but also for bonding materials on the porcelain must timely, thorough cleaning, tank cleaning cleaning agents used should choose according to the characteristics of the residual material, generally available to asperse essence as solvent, often note cannot be used beyond the permitted scope of glass lining material (such as hydrofluoric acid, alkali, etc.), higher requirements for the tank cleaning equipment, in a larger pressure (0.4-0.6 MPa) of water flushing device suggest install spray devices, for a long time without enamel tank should be cleaned as required, also using a clean cloth to wipe clean.

In order to keep the glass lining reaction tank working for a longer time, it is necessary to do its daily maintenance work well. However, in the process of maintenance, we must pay attention to the ways and methods. Only by maintaining the glass lining reaction tank in a correct way can we achieve a positive effect.

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