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Glass lining reaction tank attention to matters

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Glass lining reaction tank attention to matters

Date of release:2019-03-26 Author: Click:

The glass lining reaction tank has a unique design, which makes it convenient to use and operate. It can hold some chemical substances. However, when using it, we should pay attention to the following four aspects:

1. The filling coefficient of glass lining reaction tank allows 90% static liquid and 75% stirring liquid.

2. The operating pressure inside the glass lining reaction tank is 0.20mpa, while within the sandwich layer it is 0.60mpa. The pressure should be used according to the equipment nameplate, and the limit should not be exceeded.

3, can not use fluoride ion medium.

4, glass lining reaction tank larger operating temperature is 180℃.

In short, lining glass reaction tank in use, pay attention to the ph value of some liquid, although because of the material, its corrosion resistance is very strong, but still do not put in too acidic or alkaline substances.

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