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How to guarantee the quality of glass lining reaction tank

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How to guarantee the quality of glass lining reaction tank

Date of release:2019-03-26 Author: Click:

Glass lining reaction tank in industrial production is a very wide range of applications, because of the chemical properties of the special comparison, in order to better ensure the quality of the equipment, the equipment in the rough processing needs to meet the following production requirements:

1, glass lining reaction tank blank is a lot of stamping parts and welding parts are composed of two parts, the welding part is required to have a reasonable structure, the thickness of the sheet material selection should be appropriate;

2, glass lining reaction tank blank to be suitable for mechanization and automation of mass production requirements;

3, after stamping rough strength, high rigidity, lightweight beauty, good thermal performance;

4, the physical and chemical properties of the plate to suit the glass lining reaction tank product requirements.

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