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Correct operation procedure of glass lining reaction tank

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Correct operation procedure of glass lining reaction tank

Date of release:2018-09-27 Author: Click:

Glass lining reaction tank as a kind of expensive industrial equipment, in order to reduce the maintenance cost, we should be in daily use according to its correct operation steps to use. Avoid damage caused by improper use. So, next to give you a detailed introduction to the correct operation steps:

1. Before using the glass lining reaction tank, we need to carefully check whether the pipes and valves meet the feeding conditions.

2. Before checking the materials, abnormal conditions should be checked and the quantity should meet the requirements. Everything should start over.

3. Daily inspection is mainly to check the reducer, stirring motor, mechanical seal, etc., mainly to check whether it can work normally without any abnormal phenomenon. In addition, it is very important to check whether the oil level of the reducer is appropriate and whether the cooling water of the machine is normally supplied.

4, the use of glass lining reaction tank, should be strictly in accordance with the correct operation procedures, should pay close attention to the reaction tank temperature and pressure, strictly prohibit the use of excessive temperature and pressure!

5. When working in the reaction tank, it is necessary to carry out circuit inspection frequently to ensure timely handling of problems.

6. If overheating is found, the correct solution is to cool down with water until the temperature drops in line with the process requirements.

7, some glass lining reaction tank will appear overpressure phenomenon, such as emergency should immediately open the air valve, emergency decompression.

8. Stop cooperation due to accidents, such as power failure, stop feeding immediately, and then open the exhaust valve to cool the water. Conventional parking should be clean in the tank residue, close the bottom valve, inlet valve, inlet valve, sewage valve, etc.

The above is lining glass reaction tank correct operation steps, in this proposal everyone in the future production and use, should strictly follow the correct steps to its operation, so can not make it for your long-term work, but also extend its service life.

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