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How to make glass lining reaction tank to obtain high temperature

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How to make glass lining reaction tank to obtain high temperature

Date of release:2019-03-26 Author: Click:

The working temperature of the glass lining reaction tank is relatively high. Usually, the chemical reaction needs to be carried out under a certain temperature condition. Therefore, the reactor is affected by both pressure and temperature. Below by lining glass reaction tank factory staff to explain for us, I hope to help you.

1. Electric heating: the resistance wire is wound on the insulation layer of the reaction container body or installed on the special insulator at a certain distance from the reaction container, so that a small gap is formed between the resistance wire and the reaction container body.

2, other media heating: if the process requires high temperature operation or avoid the use of high-pressure heating system, other media can be used instead of water and steam, such as mineral oil, diphenyl ether mixture, molten salt, liquid lead, etc.

3. Steam heating: when the heating temperature is lower than 100°C, steam heating under one atmosphere can be adopted; Use saturated steam in the range of 100~180°C; High pressure superheated steam may be used at higher temperatures.

4. Water heating: it can be used at low temperature. The heating system is divided into two types: open and closed. Open is easier. It consists of circulating pumps, tanks, pipes and regulators for controlling valves. When high-pressure water is used, the equipment has high mechanical strength, and a coil is welded on the outer surface of the reactor, which has a gap with the tank wall. The heat resistance increases and the heat transfer effect decreases.

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