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Lining glass reaction kettle feeding valve classification has what

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Lining glass reaction kettle feeding valve classification has what

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1, according to the structure can be divided into glass lining up type feeding valve and glass lining down type feeding valve, glass lining ball valve and other three categories.

2, according to the sealing form can be divided into: packing seal and corrugated seal 2 kinds.

3. According to the operation form, it can be divided into: manual glass lining discharging valve, pneumatic glass lining discharging valve and electric glass lining discharging valve.

In the process of actual use and selection, customers can also install glass lining feeding valve with viewing mirror or cleaning port, temperature measuring tantalum nail, valve position display, field digital display temperature control instrument and so on.

Some operating conditions are described as follows:

1. Downspread feeding valve is suitable for crystalline materials, and it has an ideal feeding effect for materials with large granularity. Due to the fact that the sealing valve disc is made of F46 material, its temperature resistance is below 100 degrees Celsius, and it is not wear-resistant, we must pay attention to it. Specific use, can be replaced with tetrafluoron materials, so that the temperature can also reach 220 degrees Celsius. Wear resistance has also improved. In special cases, particulate matter is relatively viscous, can be lengthened at the end of the valve core to form a thorn, so in the continuous opening and closing of the valve, can be used as "furnace brazing". To achieve the purpose of channeling materials.

2. The upspread feeding valve is applicable to pharmaceutical enterprises. Under special circumstances, because of the use of the upstretch, the material can be effectively dredged during precipitation. So as to release the material quickly.

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