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Lining glass reaction kettle porcelain layer the thinner the better

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Lining glass reaction kettle porcelain layer the thinner the better

Date of release:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

Glass lining standards, glass lining reaction kettle product porcelain layer thickness of 0.8mm~2mm, refers to the equipment lining finally formed the thickness of porcelain layer. According to the special requirements of the designer, the thickness of porcelain layer of the product can be controlled, especially at present, the surface quality of steel plate continues to improve, and the repeated repair of local cracked porcelain is very rare.

To lining glass reaction kettle, porcelain layer the thinner the better. When the porcelain layer is thinner, the brittleness of the porcelain layer itself is reduced and the toughness is increased, which not only reduces the thermal resistance during heat transfer, but also increases the impact resistance of temperature difference. Therefore, the majority of enamel reaction kettle users when buying enamel equipment, porcelain layer thin than thick. However, for enamel reaction kettle, the porcelain layer should be thinner than 0.8mm. The standard setting for the thickness of porcelain layer is 0.8mm. The meaning is as follows: when the 20KV high-voltage electric spark test is carried out, the depth of the damaged porcelain layer is 0.4mm theoretically, and the remaining 0.4mm thick porcelain layer can be used for 10 years theoretically when the general medium is resistant to corrosion.

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