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Correct protective steps for glass lined reaction tank

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Correct protective steps for glass lined reaction tank

Date of release:2017-12-14 Author: Click:

Lining glass reaction tank in the use of the process is the need to protect, only in all aspects to achieve a better display of its value, the correct protection method can effectively extend its life. Then, here is a detailed introduction to its protection steps:

The protective measures of glass lining reaction tank transportation are easy to cause glass lining damage during loading and transportation. Before loading with square wood, old tires matting, prevent the collision between equipment and equipment, equipment and car body. The flanges should be padded with cotton yarn, and then sealed with a wooden board and fixed. The equipment and the car body between the rope binding firm, prevent the car body inertia or uneven road surface makes the equipment from shaking from side to side and racketeer. Special attention should be paid to storage tanks without jacket. Before lifting the oversized equipment, the rope should be tied and held in a big way, and hung on the bracket or special hook. When lifting the equipment, the command and the driver should coordinate and cooperate with each other.

Glass lining is easy to be damaged during the installation of glass lining reaction tank. In the installation to prevent tools, screws and other iron falling into the pot, but also pay attention to the hook swing racketeer and rope friction porcelain. When installing accessories such as agitator shaft and baffle plate, anti-skid straw mat or cardboard or rubber plate should be put on the bottom of the tank to prevent damage to the bottom or accessories.

In the installation process is inevitable to use the electric welding, so in lining glass reaction tank mouth with wet cloth or rubber board lined glass surface cover, prevent welding slag fell to porcelain surface Fried porcelain, Fried lines, hot marks and other phenomena. When welding on the equipment body, the tank must be filled with water. Because of the high temperature of welding passage, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the tank is large, resulting in glass lining crack or local porcelain blasting.

Equipment put into operation, the glass lining reaction tank before and is associated with equipment accessories, nozzle, blind flange, such as overhaul, inching try to reducer rotation direction (clockwise), if counterclockwise, for no loosen nut device, stirring shaft accident loss would be caused by the equipment, and mixing of materials don't function.

To sum up, is lining glass reaction tank in daily use of protective steps, in order to ensure its performance and life, it should do its daily maintenance work, to avoid improper operation and cause other damage.

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