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Lining glass reaction tank: centrifuge selection must pay attention to the temperature and speed

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Lining glass reaction tank: centrifuge selection must pay attention to the temperature and speed

Date of release:2017-12-14 Author: Click:

Glass lining reaction tank for everyone to provide centrifuge selection attention to the two questions:

(1) speed: divided into low speed centrifuge according to maximum speed centrifuge (< 1 0000 RPM/min), high-speed centrifuge (1 a 30000 RPM to 0000 RPM/min/min), ultra high speed centrifuge (> 30000 RPM/min), each centrifuge has rated maximum speed, maximum speed refers to under the condition of no-load speed, but the maximum speed according to the type of the rotor, the size of the sample quality. For example, the rated speed of a centrifuge is 16,000 RPM/min, indicating that the rotor rotates 16,000 times per minute when there is no load. When the sample is added, the speed is definitely less than 16,000 RPM/min. Rotor is different, have different maximum speed, a multiple rotor imported centrifuge can be selected), the level of the rotor can be up to 1 5000 RPM/min, but the Angle of the rotor can reach about 14000 RPM/min, the difference of specific to detailed consulting products sales personnel and the related technical personnel of factory, so the speed on the choice of carefully, choose the biggest speed is higher than the target speed centrifuge. For example, the target speed is 16,000 RPM /mIn, and the maximum speed of the selected centrifuge must be higher than 16,000 RPM /mIn.

(2) temperature: some samples (such as proteins, cells, etc.) will be damaged in high temperature environment, so we have to choose the freezing centrifuge, which has a rated temperature range. Produced heat and centrifuges at high speed centrifuge balance of refrigeration system in a certain temperature (generally frozen centrifugal samples need to keep at 3 ℃ ~ 8 ℃), the exact amount of also can achieve and rotor, such as a centrifuge the rated temperature range for - 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, fitted with horizontal rotor at the time of rotation may reach about 3 ℃, if is the Angle of the rotor may only to about 7 ℃. This point also needs to consult the product sales personnel and the related technical personnel of the production factory in detail.

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