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Lining glass reaction kettle in zibo in the application of pesticides

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Lining glass reaction kettle in zibo in the application of pesticides

Date of release:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

Lining glass reaction kettle in zibo in the application of pesticides

As important means of agricultural production, pesticides play an indispensable role in preventing and controlling agricultural pests and ensuring agricultural production. But not in pesticide production technical process, the reaction of raw materials and the recovery rate of by-products high and low, destroy the ecological environment, waste of resources, energy, therefore pesticide enterprises vigorously increase and improve the production technology and equipment, the production will be further to develop in the direction of large-scale, intensive, pesticide products in an efficient, safe, economic and environmental friendly direction. Robbia provides high quality and high efficiency glass lining equipment for pesticide enterprises, and strives to improve the production efficiency and equipment level of pesticide enterprises.

1. In order to improve the heat transfer efficiency of the equipment, half coil tube is designed in the jacket, and the heat transfer efficiency is 10-40% higher than that of ordinary jacket.

2. Design the form of stirring shaft blade according to customer's process requirements, improve the reaction efficiency of materials and reduce the generation of by-products.

3. The pressure, temperature and size of the equipment can be customized according to customer needs

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