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Lining glass reaction kettle repair know how much

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Lining glass reaction kettle repair know how much

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Lining glass reaction kettle separate type and closed two structures, open type for the body cover separation, the middle with a cushion and clip connected, generally volume in the following 5000L; The closed form is a body cover, with a general volume of more than 5000L. For customers who frequently use such equipment, the repair and maintenance methods are of primary concern:

1. Mechanical damage

Lining glass anti - impact, metal impact on its will lead to enamel damage. Therefore lining the glass kettle in the process of use strictly prevent any metal, such as blocking materials, must use plastic rods dredge, cover the pot cover, strictly prevent welding slag melting porcelain surface appear small pits or porcelain explosion.

2. Influence of operating temperature

Glass lining reaction kettle after 900℃ baking, cooling glass lining and steel plate bonded together. Since the linear expansion coefficient and elongation ratio of glass lining are lower than that of steel plate, the deformation amount of glass lining after cooling is lower than that of steel plate, and the glass lining is restrained by steel plate and produces compressive stress. After lining glass kettle is made, its lining glass namely existence precompression stress, and steel plate existence pretensile stress.

Because the prestress and linear expansion coefficient and elongation are related, linear expansion coefficient and elongation and temperature are closely related, so lining glass kettle working temperature on lining glass kettle use a great impact. If because the temperature changes greatly the glass lining produces the stress to exceed its using stress, the glass lining will be destroyed. Therefore lining glass kettle case cold, hot change, extremely explosive porcelain.

Too large difference between material temperature and kettle temperature during feeding, too fierce steam and too rapid cooling can also lead to porcelain blasting. Therefore lining glass kettle in use, cooling to slow, uniform, grade cooling.

3, external force

Glass lining reaction kettle handling only allow the pot lug force (refers to non-packaging), do not allow rolling and use crowbars, to avoid vibration, collision, is strictly forbidden to take over the pipe hoop, clip and other vulnerable parts of the force.

Under conditions, the best indoor storage equipment. When the equipment is stored outdoors, it should be covered to avoid being hit by people and objects, sun and rain. Special attention should be paid to check the tank and thermowells for water during winter storage to avoid damage caused by freezing. For reaction tank or polymerization kettle equipped with mechanical seal, the sealing part should be protected and kept clean.

4, processing stress damage

In the kettle body processing process, as a result of the drum, stamping, welding produced a large number of internal stress, such as the stress of incomplete elimination will lead to glass lining kettle porcelain explosion. This damage usually occurs in the first three months after the embryo is put into use, so heat treatment or aging treatment of the embryo body can prevent porcelain cracking.

5. Electrostatic puncture

The glass lining kettle stirred with suspended liquid, suspended material and glass lining a strong friction, at the same time suspended material itself also produces friction, so a large number of static charge, high static charge on the glass lining a strong puncture effect, resulting in glass lining pitting corrosion, so the stirring speed should not be too fast.

6. Hydrogen evolution corrosion

Glass lining reactor jacket in use after a period of time will be scaling and rust, if using acidic detergent to remove dirt or in jacketed cooling fluid partial acid, can cause metal corrosion, hydrogen evolution due to the density of glass lining can't spread out, so when the H2 accumulated to a certain extent, form a set of dynamic, glass lining cracking occurs.

Therefore, cleaning scaling using pickling, must add buffer, if the glass lining kettle value is higher or not easy to replace or even appear corrosive perforation, must use the high quality cleaning agent with low corrosion rate, to avoid the serious consequences of improper cleaning operation.

7. The base material is unqualified

In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers use Q235 steel as the substitute body, which directly leads to the gasification of carbon and sulfur in the steel lining process, and causes the formation of a large number of bubbles between the glass lining layer and the substrate, and inside the glass lining layer, leading to the reduction of glass lining bonding strength. Lining glass layer in case of hot and cold change, extremely explosive porcelain. So lining glass kettle choose carbon, sulfur low steel as embryo can prevent porcelain explosion.

8. The firing quality is not good

Some lining glass reaction kettle factory production environment is simple, rust dust less than the standard, resulting in a poor combination of underglaze and matrix. Some reduce lining burn times, increase the thickness of each layer, so that the internal force is too large, affecting the service life of lining glass kettle, so strictly according to the manufacturing procedures to ensure the quality of lining glass kettle.

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