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Zibo lining glass reaction kettle manufacturers

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Zibo lining glass reaction kettle manufacturers

Date of release:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

Zibo glass lining reactor manufacturers build billion chemical and share your enamel reaction kettle production finished prepare welding production process must pay attention to the requirements and standards, and must be done in accordance with the regulations of the normal operation, at the same time also pay special attention to it when welding sequence, then through the above analysis, here share with you some attention in welding

Welding on the enamel equipment: all of us should pay attention to general with porcelain enamel equipment layer of welds is not allowed in the outer wall, in the absence of ceramic layer on the jacket of welds, must adopt measures to protect with porcelain plates, approaches of welding parts not local overheating, protective measures including do not use oxygen cutting, welding, cutting mouth jacketed internal drainage systems, when the joint close to the upper and lower connecting link to the internal porcelain face uniform preheating and interval of discontinuous welding method of welding.

What about welding sequence: with the same welding performance data and welding standards, if the welding sequence of enamel reaction kettle is different, the tendency of heat crack is also different. The reason is that the welding stress caused by different welding sequence is different, so a reasonable welding sequence should be adopted to minimize the welding stress.

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