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Lining glass reaction kettle is easy to use wall phenomenon

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Lining glass reaction kettle is easy to use wall phenomenon

Date of release:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

Cover yi chemical equipment of zibo and you introduce lining glass reaction kettle to use when it is easy to stick to the wall phenomenon, not only affect the work, and affect the performance of the equipment, so in the industrial operation should pay attention to some matters, reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon. What should I do if the enamel reaction kettle sticks to the wall during use?

1. Raw material factors

Due to the high content of sulfate in urea, urea will be added in the later stage, if the treatment is not timely, it will make resin curing in the reactor, therefore, in the production should choose the standard industrial urea raw materials, so that the content of sulfate in urea is limited to less than 0.01%.

2. Balance degree of operation

When the control of temperature, pressure and other technical parameters of glue making is unstable or fluctuates too much, the resin condensation polymerization process of enamel reaction kettle is uneven, which is easy to cause adhesion to the wall. Therefore in the production operation, should slowly pressure, temperature rise. Generally, water vapor of about 0.15mpa is injected and kept for 2 ~ 3min before slowly raising pressure and heating up. The lifting speed is 0.1 ~ 0.15mpa per minute.

3, enamel reaction kettle wall temperature difference

If the temperature of the cooling medium is too low or suddenly drops, the temperature difference between the tank wall temperature and the material will be too large, resulting in the glue liquid sticking to the wall of the enamel reaction tank. Therefore, both heating and cooling should be carried out within a reasonable range of temperature difference. Generally, the steam temperature should be less than 180℃, the temperature difference thermal shock should be less than 120℃, and the cooling shock should be less than 90℃.

4. Reaction temperature and time

When the temperature of reaction liquid is lower than 80℃, if ammonia chloride is used as a catalyst, the PH value cannot be shown due to the fast reaction speed of ammonia chloride. When the temperature rises, the PH value drops rapidly and the reaction speed is accelerated. The condensation polymerization reaction is too fierce to cause the gel to stick to the wall. Therefore, the temperature and time of condensation polymerization reaction should be controlled correctly and the reaction should be terminated in time. Generally, the temperature of reaction liquid should be controlled within 0 ~ 95℃.

These are common reasons and treatment methods, is in the operation of response in the matters needing attention, and including improper production processing, maintenance will produce this phenomenon. Therefore, the production and processing of enamel reaction kettle must comply with the process and production standards, and the use must be in accordance with the operation specifications.

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