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Lining glass equipment has what advantage characteristic

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Lining glass equipment has what advantage characteristic

Date of release:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

Glass lining equipment is coated and burned on the surface of metal billet inorganic glass enamel. First advantage: ok, then we'll say we all know that metal is more easily influenced by acid alkali corrosion rust, etc., however, we pass on the metal surface enamel coating can prevent metal rust, because the glass lining layer on the surface of the metal to make no oxide layer formed in the process of hot metal and glass lining has the ability of corrosion resistant to all kinds of liquid metal surface erosion and protect us.

Second advantage: glass lining safe non-toxic and easy to wash clean, not only can be widely used in daily life the use of eating utensils and cleaning products, so we put the glass lining lining after burn in the metal surface under certain conditions but also has high hardness, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and excellent properties such as insulation lining enamel coating in metal blank master these features make our glass lining equipments is more practical in chemical pharmaceutical industries so glass lining equipments have more extensive USES.

The last advantage: everyone knows that the glass lining layer is smooth, so the glass lining equipment creates a beautiful appearance for us.

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