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A method to increase the heating speed of glass lining reaction tank

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A method to increase the heating speed of glass lining reaction tank

Date of release:2017-12-14 Author: Click:

Sometimes, the glass lining reaction tank because of the different seasons, temperature, so that its heating speed will be slow, production efficiency can not guarantee, reaction tank heating speed can ensure the production efficiency of an effective factor. Therefore, enterprises attach great importance to the heating speed of reaction tank. So, how can we increase its heating rate in daily use? Let's learn about it together.

First, the selection of special insulation cotton, glass lining reaction tank wrapped up, play a heat insulation effect, can effectively prevent excessive temperature loss, provide heating speed.

2. The solution in the reaction tank of glass lining reaction tank is not filled up once, which can affect the heating rate through intermittent addition method. The initial addition of liquid is about 1/2 of the capacity. When the temperature rises to the set temperature, adding the material to the enamel reaction tank and adding the liquid according to the above method can also effectively provide the heating rate.

Iii. Appropriately increase the setting temperature of the high temperature oil bath pot (high temperature circulator), so that the reactor can withstand a higher temperature and shorten the heating time. When the glass lining reaction pot is close to the service temperature, the high temperature oil bath pot (high temperature circulator) of H will be reduced to the actual use temperature.

To sum up, is to enhance the glass lining reaction tank heating speed of a few methods, so that we in the future use can be based on the actual situation to choose the appropriate method to its heating speed. In addition, when the above measures are taken in daily use to achieve a continuous and steady increase in the heating rate, the use and maintenance of the above measures should be carried out in accordance with the steps to lay the foundation for the implementation of the above measures.

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